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Some large enterprises are looking to third-party ERP support providers to reduce their maintenance and support costs by 50 percent or more rather than sticking with their existing ERP vendors.

The latest research by an Indian company explains the circumstances in which replacing an existing ERP vendor with a third-party support provider makes sense.

Running big, complicated ERP suites has never been an inexpensive undertaking for large enterprises. As the systems get older, the maintenance and support costs continue to rack up, consuming lots of IT budget dollars every year.

At some point, user companies have to consider whether it’s time to replace their ERP apps with new ones — which is certainly not an option that’s taken lightly — or to find less expensive sources for their ongoing support.

That conundrum is leading a growing number of enterprises to consider bringing in third-party ERP support providers who can help keep legacy systems running while cutting maintenance and support costs by 50 percent or more.