QuickBooks Training

Course Title: Mastering QuickBooks
A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Accounting
Course Overview:
This course is designed to provide comprehensive training on how to effectively utilize
QuickBooks for accounting purposes. From setting up your company to managing finances and
generating reports, this course covers everything you need to know to streamline your
accounting processes.
Module 1: Introduction to QuickBooks
● Overview of QuickBooks and its features
● Understanding the different versions and subscription options
● Setting up your QuickBooks account and company profile
Module 2: Getting Started with QuickBooks
● Navigating the QuickBooks dashboard and interface
● Adding customers, vendors, and employees to your account
● Setting up chart of accounts and categories
Module 3: Managing Finances with QuickBooks
● Recording income and expenses
● Creating invoices and tracking payments
● Managing bills and expenses
● Reconciling bank and credit card accounts
Module 4: Advanced Accounting Tasks
● Tracking inventory and managing purchases
● Handling payroll and employee taxes
● Managing loans and liabilities
● Customizing reports and financial statements
Module 5: Integrations and Efficiency Tips
● Integrating QuickBooks with other tools and software
● Automating repetitive tasks for efficiency
● Best practices for data backup and security
Module 6: Troubleshooting and Support
● Common issues and how to resolve them
● Accessing help resources and support channels
● Tips for staying up-to-date with QuickBooks updates and changes
Module 7: Final Project and Certification
● Applying what you’ve learned to a real-world scenario
● Creating customized reports and financial statements
● Review and assessment for certification